Paths and Mistakes Go Hand in Hand

March 13, 2012
By Udal1993 SILVER, Willimantic, Connecticut
Udal1993 SILVER, Willimantic, Connecticut
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Maybe I made a mistake.
Maybe I didn't.
You're not supposed to say if I did or didn't.
That's my job, my goal in life:
Figure out what's right or wrong, see what suits me, which path I'm supposed to follow.
Robert Frost took the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
But what about him and his famous path?
What happened down that road?
Everything we've felt too often or not often enough?
But what of my own mistakes?
Has nay path been destroyed, dented, shattered on the forest floor like a dead and rotten tree trunk, and yet somehow recover?
Can it truly ever be healed?
My mistakes, my lies, my regrets killed the forest my past crawls through.
But this time, with you, I didn't make a mistake.
My path simply didn't include you.
You're out of my life forever.
You were just a boulder in my path.
And now I'm on the other side.

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