War Games

March 13, 2012
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The end is here.
The day of dread arrived.
There is no more hiding, no more running, no more cowering in fear.
Our fighting is at an end.
Our swords clank to the ground. Our shields follow, dented and bruised by the blows we’ve taken.
We were strong, fearless, wise.
Nothing stood in our way but truth.
The ugliest of all truths.
The battle was not easy.
Dangers lurked at every corner, their ghostly presences known.
Each fell, but others grew, more frightening and dangerous than the last.
But still, we conquered, getting weaker along the way.
But alas, we’ve fallen.
We won the battles, but lost the war.
Now as we head back to the starting point, we remember it all.
The good, the bad.
The laughs, the tears.
The joy, the sorrow.
All will not be forgotten.
We move on, lives continue.
Hearts beat and lungs breathe.
We tire of these games and the failed attempts, though they make us all the stronger.
We look back at what we’ve lost,
And what we’ve gained.
Then I look to you.
And you look to me.
We laugh and shake hands.
We’re still here, aren’t we?
We lift our swords and continue on our way.
And even now, I’d do it all again,
Fighting by your side through these war games.

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