Dear: Katy, Texas.

March 19, 2012
By SaraE. BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
SaraE. BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
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Think of a world with only the minimum.
Teenage girls
Believing in themselves,
Becoming themselves,
Wanting to be only themselves.
No longer just a
Of the popular.
Girls who aren’t just one of the
Or the Taryn’s.
Just themselves, and no one else.
Think if every teenage girl
Was known for the great things she’s done,
Not who.

Imagine the fuel to you
Could you survive without your daddy’s
Oil money?
Or would you do what I,
Has always expected:
Curse when you can’t afford highlights any longer.
Cry when there’s no money left to gas your Audi.
Muddle when you can’t flock to the make-up counters any longer.
Lock yourself in your room when your parents won’t give you money for a boob job.
Hate your parents for spending money on food, not you.
Complain about not getting the new Kate Spade collection.
Considering yourself ‘poor’ when you have to shop at H&M, not Ellie Tahari.

You have no idea who you are

Without money to your name.

When your friends won’t
Be around the poor you any longer,
You will

Because you no longer
Can dress like them,
Go on there weekly shopping trips.
You also can’t
Look like them any longer.
They had the money for the Clinique winter palate,
While your stuck with the summer collection.
You might as well be an old trend.
You won’t know how to handle
Not having money.
When you’re distraught
From having a ‘poor’ life,
Don’t let a tear smudge you Dior eyeliner.

Everyone of you-
Who all seem to be the same person.
Will never know what to do without your
Prada shades shielding you
Beautiful eyes.
Never will the realization come,
Of it being possible to be happy without
Won’t ever enjoy simplicity.
You life is based on things.
Designer names,
Expensive makeup,
Incredible cars,
The popular boyfriend,
And the stupid best friend.
This is who,
You are.
You’re not defined by the things you wish for or
The things you believe.
You are defined by the things
You Buy.
What creates your social status,
Makes your life so empty.
With yourself being
So left out.
We know your eyes will
Be open to change.
You will never know what it’s like
to be on the receiving end of all you destruction
You do without even

It has come to this in our world.
When just being ourselves,
Will never be enough.
Where you will never change your ways.

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