Breathing Underwater

March 17, 2012
By Grace4297 BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
Grace4297 BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
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"Heads I win, tails you lose."

I am a swimmer.
Clear liquid binds to me,
But I break off uncaring

Gray presence lurks
Flashing a smile
shadow staring

Speed increasing, more bonds
Broken. Limbs turn to butter,
feeling, escape before it’s late

Fin brushes tenderly, sizing,
Linger smooth denticles
Pleasing thoughts fill the bait

Naïve traitors.
Salty moisture engulfs me.
Need. Respiration.

Comfort of smooth calms,
relaxes the drowning mind
toothy grin concealed…

Chomp! Teeth sink
Wake! O Wake!
Crimson dilutes the solution

Blind athlete. Eyes finally open.
Shake, squirm, shove, scream
No one sees. No one hears

Teeth slowly lose grip, swim!
Up, away! Breathe. Again.
Outburst, carry me away!

Wound needs time.
Only to be left as a scar.
Grey presences linger in wait…

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