you call it School we call it Life!

March 17, 2012
By beachgirl27 BRONZE, Mumbai Maharashtra, Other
beachgirl27 BRONZE, Mumbai Maharashtra, Other
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Favorite Quote:
laugh your heart out
dance in the rain
cherish the moment
ignore the pain
live, laugh, love
forgive and forget
cuz love is to short
to be living with regrets..

This school gave me memories to hold onto
Every minute is captured in my mind
I was with the best people
Always standing up for each other
But this is the final year and that’s it
The story ends here.
In a few months
I will say my final goodbye to this school
And whenever I said, "I hate this school!"
It was such a lie
JNS was more than what i could ask for
It gave me IG, friends, the sweetest teachers and
The perfect school life.

I see myself in the mirror
And see how fast these days have passed
There were crazy fights
Fun times and
Days of sheer madness
There was everything and more in JNS
Now all we think about are those sad moments of
But there is no "last"
This is OUR time
And I was wrong
Our story does not end here...
There is no dead end on this road
As our friendship will end,
Never ever
Because we are all in this together

My only inspiration this school
Motivates my brain
Changed my world today
But left me with so much to say
Your achievements were incredible
And effort was unthinkable
Today, I will think bout the great deeds u have done for me
You are the only one
Who can inspire me with no words to speak
I am no longer weak
You have given everybody immense care
And u were always fair
This is my way of saying thank you for everything that u did for me
You were a great school and everybody would agree
you will always be in my heart
Because nobody can keep the bond of us apart.

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