My Escape

March 16, 2012
Why do you have to take,
All the things that make me smile?
Why do you have to steal,
My outlet for the pain?
Why can't you let me,
Have a way yo be okay?
I guess it just makes you smile,
Knowing I can't escape.

I used to be okay,
But you took that away.
I used to have a way,
For me to escape the pain.
But that gone too,
Thanks to you.
I used to smile everyday,
Until you stole,
My happiness away.

SO now what do I have?
What is left of me,
That you can't take?
My latter has no rungs,
Just a blanks empty space.
My body has no me,
Just the ghost of the unheard screams.
I no longer have any hope,
Of ever being the same.
I don't think I'll ever,
Escape the retched pain.

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