The Manipulator

March 16, 2012
By BrittanyAmanda BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
BrittanyAmanda BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Power, he has so much of it and it glows off his skin.
He is the Messiah incarnate, the son of God,
And I am his follower.
It would be a sin not to follow him, to do his bidding.

His chapel of life and love is so strong.
I am compelled toward his light,
And the thought of being saved.
Salvation rings in his voice.

That voice that tells me what to do,
What to do in order to be saved,
Saved from the Devil and his sinful ways,
His sinful ways that drag people to the depths of depravity.

I will not go there, the Devil will not take me.
Not when I can be saved!
Oh how sweet that salvation will be.
I will battle until the end for that sweetness.

I am his soldier,
Fighting for his war.
This war of the races,
this Helter Skelter.

The author's comments:
This piece is with a serious of pieces that I have written in regards to the serial killer Charles Manson.

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