March 16, 2012
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A calm breeze,
Blowing through my hair.
It brushes my face,
A cooling sensation.
The air is warm,
Lightly touching my skin.

Above my head,
A sphere of light.
The sun has appeared,
From behind the clouds.
Shining on the world,
Sunshine and happiness.

Overhead, a bird flies,
Swooping through the trees.
It weaves between branches,
Then darts up.
It soars through the sky,
Free from all.

A green speck in the dirt,
The beginning of a flower.
It will soon blossom,
Showing its bright face.
The flowers are coming,
And will decorate the earth.

Around me,
The grass is changing.
Against my bare feet,
It is soft.
It carpets the ground,
Healthy and renewed.

Spring is on its way,
And will soon be present.
It is a time for youth,
Spending time in our world,
Recognizing its beauty,
And beginning a new time.

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