Even when I'm Grown

March 16, 2012
When I was little,
You taught me how to ride a bike.
When I was little,
You read to me every night.
When I was little,
I needed you there to wipe my tears.
When I was little,
You made all my fears disappear.
When I was little,
You didn't have to worry,
That prince charming would come,
And steal me away.

I'm not little anymore,
I've grown up so fast.
I don't need you to always be there,
Holding my hand.
I've learned to ride a bike,
I've learned to hide my tears,
I've learned that growing up,
Means letting go of your fears.
I know you lay awake at night,
Fearing the day will come,
When I walk out the door,
And disappear into the dust.
I can't promise you it wont be soon.
All I know is once I'm gone,
I'll always come home to you.
Because even after I'm grown,
With children of my own,
I'll always need my daddy,
This will always be my home.

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