Unwanted Reminiscence

March 13, 2012
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Vile little thoughts come creeping
"You are no good, do not try."
"No one wants you, go away"
"You are nothing, give it up"

Just one more bite of the blade
To put the demons at bay.
Steal to flesh, the piercing pain,
Just A bit deeper, make it fade,
All the anguish that you made,
Flowing right out of mutilated veins.

Haunting screams come darting back.
"You were never enough for us!
"She almost died, all from you!"
"You might as well kill yourself."

The bite is not sharp enough.
The distress is too rough.
This misery never will cease,
I just need to find some peace.
Searching for some sanity,
On a cliff, I chose fatality.

I made up my mind, goodbye.
"There was no point to that fight,"
Swallow the pills.
"Nothing more than a grievance."
Just a few more.
"Your life was just a nuisance."
Simply die.

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