Not Now

February 27, 2012
By , Saginaw, MI
Not now and not yet
Were not through 
With loving yet
I won't be
Till I die
Unattached to you
In any way 
Don't want to leave
Want ya to hold on to me
For eternity 
I know this can be hard
And really truly rough 
But what we got here
Surly is enough
If it isn't 
And won't be
Share with me 
All the things I wanted you to want with me 
I can't not relive us one more time 
I can let go but my heart will float away with you
Into that deep abyss I know of
As the place she stopped loving me 
So don't go and never forget 
The times you dreamed of me 
Letting go and losing hold of all my morals and beliefs I kissed ya gently yet hard and sweet in all those places we never got to be
So don't lose hold and don't forget
I'll never be the one to stop loving you,no not ever surly not yet .

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