My Fire

February 27, 2012
By bubbletea BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
bubbletea BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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I'm exhausted of being an 'almost'
Being good,
But not nearly good enough
People tell me to try harder
Work more and I'll get further
They point out those who do more
And make my life a never ending
Venn Diagram
But I am no math equation
My ex is not > than another
Nor does it equal anything
And the x in this equation is not my talent
I wont be finished easily,
Nor passed away for mere talent
I'll work and try harder until
I have more passion than talent
And I'll put my words to this paper
Till it burns up in flames
And even then, I'll stand in the ashes
And cough proudly to proclaim who I am
For I don't want to be irrelevant
Another dreamer placed in the stars
While the moon shines too bright
I will stand out from that throng
Of dreamers and talented ones
I will be the one with too much passion
To be set aside for something better.
No one will be able to shine
Brighter than I
I will be applauded for this, someday
I'll let go of the fire in my heart
Let it finally fly out in sparks
I'll smile at the clouds as I pass them
To the only thing brighter,
The fiery sun in the sky equal to my own
Fiery will.

The author's comments:
I think that every teenager struggles with the idea that we will not be good enough. The knowledge that the world is huge and we are small specs is an idea that I know can be very terrifying. I wrote this piece to counter that fear. Every person is a marvelous individual, that should never be overlooked.

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