I still feel you in my bones,

February 27, 2012
By WeepLittleLion BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
WeepLittleLion BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Just a Vacancy, love don't live here anymore
It hasn't been by here in over three years,
since I left it broken at my back door
Sometimes I think I feel it lingering
In the dust covered jars we would sip tea out of
Chamomile made me sleepy, so I would dream in your arms
I still hear you echo, wakeup, wakeup, wakeup

Just a vacancy, love don't live here anymore
It's cold out now, but I'm still clinging to Summers warmth
I have this void in my chest and it's growing faster by the days
I tried feeding it once but it's never please
If sleeping is a sickness, then I am the disease
Trapped in my own mind, it's getting harder to breath
I still hear you screaming,
run, run, run

Just a vacancy, love don't live here anymore
The rain is falling like our affections,
I think it's going to pour
That's just what I need, a flood of relief to bring me back to reality
You were the storm that set me free
You were the reason I had a reason to believe
I still hear you leaving,
I'm alone, alone, alone

Just a vacancy, love don't live here anymore,
I let it in once, but you were quick to close the door
It's time to take time and put it back in the closet
While my smile gathers dust, I'll pick back up my old habits
My bones sat outside for awhile and the rust is taking over
All we're waiting on is for the wind to race faster
I still hear my bones breaking,
snap, snap, snap

The author's comments:
I love City and Colour, and Dallas Green really inspired me throughout this. It is my own personal junk, compiled into one poem.

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