Why dont you?

February 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Why don’t you like me?
Like I like you
Why do you just want to be friends?
I would like to be more.
You keep saying may be someday
I keep saying let’s try,
We graduate in matter of months
What’s the worst that will happen if we try?
We have been great friends since 7th grade.
We tell each other everything
From our biggest secrets
To whom we are mad at
We trust each other.
We laugh
We smile
When we hangout we do anything
From wrestling with each other (not in a sexual way)
To watching a movie
I could call you at 2am
Just to say hi
You call me at 2am to see if I am awake or not.
You make my day when I see you,
I know how I feel for you.
But I don’t know how you feel about me.
I tried to talk to you about it but we always seem to change subject
We have a lot in common
But were so different too
Everyone tells me we would be a nice couple to see together
I smile and agree but always say I don’t know where you and I stand
Are we friends?
Are we more?
At night when I think of you
I wonder to myself -are you thinking of me to
What are you thinking if you are thinking of me?
What would you like- would you like to try?
Do you want to try being you and I?
Do you just want to keep what we got?
I cannot get you out of my head

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