Forgotten Love

February 21, 2012
The night you were born, the feeling of joy overwhelmed me
I, your mom brought you into the world
Not knowing you would be the one to take me out of it
Where can we go
I love you with all my heart, over and over again I tell you
But No, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t there enough
Caught up in finding you a dad you didn’t want
Trying my best to get money in ways you shouldn’t know
I failed you, but where can we go

You’re 10 now, out on the streets finding friends
Friends that could get you killed
Friends that could end you up I jail all because lies
Lies they told to keep you coming
Lies they told and you young and naive believed them
Not knowing they would hurt you in the end
Where can I go if you get killed?

13, gang-banging’ it out with the “Big Boys”
You‘ve made you first kill, they accept you
Call them family if you will
But they don’t care about you
They send you to do their dirty work
Get “rid” of them for me they know too much
The gang war you almost got killed in didn’t stop you
But they left you to die and you still came back
Just to fit in you follow them like a puppy
But where can you go you have no friends

17 smart as could be but caught up in the “gangster” life
Being a “thug” like all your so called friend
Not knowing I was afraid of you
Bad temper never got you anywhere
Cussing people out because they said the wrong thing
Now I am scared to even go in my own house
Afraid to go on the streets too
What can I do if the one I love is out on drugs?
Where can I go, caught in the crossfire

The streets ring with the sound of guns and screams of pain
Why can’t you see you’re killing your own kind
A gap in the generation caused only by gangs
Dead, smoked, left out to die killed by my own son
Where can I go, you killed your own mom

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