The Taste of Perfume

February 21, 2012
By FreysStory BRONZE, Rochester, New York
FreysStory BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I drank a bottle of perfume
I want to say why
But I know it’s because
I want to see you cry

Nightmare from the night before
Still fresh in my mind
Memories of you lingering
I just wanted to unwind

Thoughts, tastes and smells
Tightening around me like twine
The only relief I could ever foresee
Was if you stepped on a mine

I was thirsty, no doubt
I had too much to carry
But all that was there
Was a bottle of cherry

The quick thought
“Just drink it,
“It’s better than
“What he could spit.”

I thought of the pain
The nasty taste and burning
Only to be wiped away
By the eternal yearning

To have lost and forget
All that you had
Your Love and sanity
I was going to go mad

Any pain drinking
The cherry would cause
Wasn’t enough to
Make me pause

Why I stopped
I don’t know
It was worth more
Than he could throw

In my mind
I do
It was so
I could know you

To write this poem
Some pain washed away
Until the
Coming in May

The author's comments:
I was thirty and looked over to see if there was still a bottle of water next to me to drink. The poem is about the things that ran through my head as I seriously considered drinking it. I just want to tell again about how pain can make you do crazy things.

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