Im Sorry

February 20, 2012
You have “needs” I should be more willing to please
But you would never point out the fact that you have a disease
Im sorry Im so selfish
It’s like every conversation is about the same old thing
You’re beginning to ignore my promise ring
Im sorry Im so selfish
It’s like you don’t care anything about me
To you I’m just a body
You want me a little naughty
To me you’re just a guy
You tell lie after lie
Im sorry Im so selfish
Ok, so you bought me a Ferrari
But I guess it’s time to say sorry
No car is worth my body, my love, or my time
You expect me to give it up with the drop of a dime?
Im sorry Im so selfish
But I’ll watch you drive away in that Ferrari
Before I ever give you a piece of my body. I’m sorry.
I must be so selfish…

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