Mother knows best

March 8, 2012
By smilie! BRONZE, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
smilie! BRONZE, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
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mother-why-why is the sky pink in the morning?
mother, mother, you must know
I want to choose, decide for myself,
but mother knows best
mother, mother-why, why is the flower red?
elbows off the table, that's impolite,
child stop, that's wrong wrong.
listen to mother, she must be right.
but, how was she right if there was
no wrong answer?
don't speak that way, child,
you know nothing, just listen, listen,
mother knows best.
doubt yourself, doubt the world,
but hold your tongue,
ask mother, she knows best.
mother, mother, why must you cry?
but mother, may I not speak my mind?
hush child, hush,
you have made mother cry,
do not speak, do not try,
do not make mother cry.
mother, mother, don't worry,
I will leave soon and be gone,
where should I go,
what do I want to do?
don't worry, don't worry,
ask mother, mother knows best.
mother, mother, why is the sky orange at night?
mother, mother, how did birds learn to fly?
mother, mother, where will I go in this life?
but, mother, mother, where have you gone?
now who will answer my questions,
if only mother knows best?

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