You Said You Loved Us

March 9, 2012
By 12latucht BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
12latucht BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
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I wake up in the middle of a hot
Summer night longing for you.
Wishing I could feel your coolness
Brush against my body.
Memories of our days together flash into my mind:
Days where we join forces
In the yard outside my house:
We were undefeatable.
Sometimes we’d fight
And I’d have to stay inside all day,
In fear you’d whip me with you harsh breath.
We always make up because you know what makes me happy.
When you kissed me
It was soft, and cold,
But filled with love.
Each night I’d lie under my blankets,
And fall asleep knowing you’ll be there in the morning.

But then one day
You weren’t.
I woke up to the sun streaming in my window.
I looked out and saw you weren’t there,
Not a trace of your beautiful wonderland.
Then I remembered,
It’s the beginning of spring.

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