A Second Grade Valentine's

March 9, 2012
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There's something about this day,
That reminds me of the way,
We used to sit and write all those cards
To every kid on the school yard.
And the girl to whom you wanted it to go,
You would have to do your best and show,
To her, she was to be your Valentine.

I still recall the tense deliberation time,
To find the way to say to her, "Be Mine!"
Without revealing to the world,
Your eyes were on that special girl.

You would craft innocent sentiments
To the kids that posed a detriment.
"Have a great day! You're really great!"
But not the one I want to date.
To her, I'll write a sonnet for,
"Won't you be mine? I'm yours!"
What a turn of phrase you happened to find.
She will be your Valentine.

But then that tense hour comes,
To hand yours out to everyone.
Gazes quick,
Rhythm slick.
But then you find,
She's next in line
To be your sweet Valentine.

The moment’s here,
Eyes to peer,
Deep into hers.
She takes the card,
Smiles regard,
As you blush at her.

After school,
You feel high and cool,
As you read her card to you.
She asked you please,
If you wouldn't mind,
To be her Valentine.

And that night,
When you brush your teeth and get into bed.
And before you rest your weary head,
You think of her --

Her smile, her eyes and her nose,

As laughs of joy escape through your window.

"I am hers; she is mine.
What a glorious day of Valentine!"

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izyfizy said...
May 16, 2012 at 7:42 pm
awww! that's so sweet! :3 too sweet with all those V-Day candies... where's the water? heehee ;)
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