I'm just me

March 8, 2012
What am I to you?
Just someone for your sick game?
Why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you?

Is it because I'm not a size seven?
Is it because I'm not blond?
Is it because I can't do a cartwheel?

Why do you bully me; I'm just like you.
I walk, talk, and breathe just like you.

I may look different.
I may be loud.
I may be overly out going
But, that's just me. And I didn't think that could hurt anyone.

Apparently it hurts you. Apparently acting who I am, hurts you. Apparently being size 16, hurts you. Apparently having dark hair, hurts you. Apparently not being flexible, hurts you. Apparently believing in God, hurts you. Apparently everything I am hurts you.

Maybe you should avoid me instead of making fun of me.
Maybe you should ignore me instead of mocking me.
Maybe you should just leave me be instead of making me miserable.

Knock it off!
I'm just me.

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