The Accident, The Road

March 8, 2012
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It’s dark,
The wind is hushed.
The cars are loud,
The lights are bright.
The road becomes bright,
Both ways cars are coming.
I’m standing in the middle,
Is all I thought.
All I hear is screams,
And medal crashing together.
Now I hear nothing.
A while later,
I hear medal getting moved,
Somebody breathing?
I thought to myself,
One person can’t move a car,
Or can they? I thought.
I see the moonlit sky,
I started to day dream.
In the middle of the day dream,
I felt a sharp pain in my neck.
I wanted to scream,
But I couldn’t find my voice.
So I laid there and suffered.
All I thought was,
Am I dead?
But they said it wasn’t this painful.
Hours later the pain stopped,
I could get up,
I could look around.
I felt normal.
Then my throat started burning.
I swore there was fire down my throat.
When I said that,
I saw a person.
I craved his blood,
Nothing more.

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illusions said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm
it took my awhile to get into it but the end was fabulas. the start was a bit repetitive. you shouldnt end two lines that are right beside each other with the same word. good job otherwise!
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