March 10, 2012
You are a human being
And so am I
We breath air like human beings should
We are 70% water
With out it we would be nothing
We feel emotions
Like an involuntary ability to sense the world around
We feel pain, happiness, lust, love, anger, and obsessions
We make mistakes
We hurt people
And we hurt ourselves
We mess up
We destroy things
We destroy the things we love
And we destroy the people we love
We are fragile beings
It doesn’t take much to make us fall apart
We have imperfections painting our bodies
Whether it be a chemical imbalance or a big nose
We have insecurities and we sin
We can be selfish
And selfless
We as human beings can be caring and sweet
We can be spiteful and bitter
Homo sapiens sapiens
Are never going to be what we want to be
Rarely can we do things right
Compared to all the things we do wrong
But if I had to be human with anyone
I would be a screwed up bag of water with you any day

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