Where Am I?

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Where am I?
I feel lost
Where are my friends?
It's all dark

I can't see anything
Is anyone out there?
I am crying

Am I dead?
Am I dying?
Where am I?

I feel alone
Like I always do
I guess nothing has changed
I will always be alone
No one even cares
No one can even feel my pain

Can't anyone see?
I need someone so dearly
I am crying out
But there's no one there

Can anyone please come!
Come out of your hiding places
Be my friend
Oh please!

Maybe I should kill myself
No one would notice
Even if they did
I am just one less human
They don't need me
They have other people

Where am I?
I see a light
It's really bright
I know I'm dead
I know it!

I hear a voice
A deep mans voice
Calling my name
I must go in the light
I must see what
Or whom is calling me

I'm dead!

I know where I am
No more questioning
I am in Heaven!
Goodbye world!

The author's comments:
I wrote this because so many kids these days wish they would just die. Someone out there does care about you and love you. It may seem it's not true but it really is. Life has it's up and downs. You can't let little things get to you. Somewhere in the world someone always wants to be like you. You are special to someone. I am reaching out to help people who want to just end their life. They have a lot to live still. We need to save out future and our family. We are one big family. Let's start acting like it.

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