my favorite place

March 8, 2012

My favorite place to be is the graveyard that my dad is buried in. The only reason that I like the graveyard is because it is very peaceful and quiet. I do not like being in the cold nor do I like to be in the house that my dad lived in. Another couple of reasons that I like to be in the graveyard is because it smells earthy, it feels full, very open and mellow. It always reminds me about my dads funeral. I can see my family sitting in the U- shape, the 7 men shooting off the 3 shots, the man folding up the flag, all of my family and friends crying (except the little kids..... they didn't know what was going on), my dad being rolled into the cold, hard, dark sand. I also remember putting my favorite black hat in the hole with him. Now all that I can remember of him is his brown short hair, his scars from his car accident, the way he would walk, the way he would laugh, the and the way he would lay in bed while watching TV, reading a book and texting his all at the same time. When I think about the happy times I cry. Some of the happy times that I remember are like the time that I went to Disney world. We had a great time except that I lost my bathing suit. I still remember the cabin that we stayed in. All of the memories have started to fade away. Some of the best times that we had where in the car. One of his favorite songs that we would listen to was “Facing Hell”. It was don by his favorite band, Ozzy Ozborn. Some times i realy miss seeing him every day

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