Open the doors

February 28, 2012
By PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
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Open the doors
and look around
to find that you
are no where to be found
close your eyes
and jsut breathe
lay in bed
cry softly
yet you still feel the pain
when surrounded by freinds
soon you realize
that there is no end
the sun is blinding
a threatning ray
you cant concentrate at all
another miserable day
you have lost all common ground
nothing makes any sense
your stuck in a night mare
where everything is past tense
imaginse you here
in arms
my heart is in danger
but there is no alarm
whisper your name
for you it is I call
hoping your near to catch me
because I might just fall

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