March 11, 2012
By Schuyler BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Schuyler BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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There is a kid that can’t speak for his/her self
That kid that wishes to be anyone, but who they are
That kid parents that won’t give her/him money for food
That kid that has to wear the same clothes over because he /her parents don’t have money;
But buys their self or their other children things
That kid that is killing him/her self for societies view of perfection
That kid that no one dares to waste time on
That kid that’s been screaming for help since the beating began
That kid that can’t help, but care what everyone says about him/her
That kid that cried every night wishing his/her nightmare will end
That kid that cut his/her self thinking the pain will go away
Realizing that the pain just makes him/her realizes that this is real life.
That kid that won’t let anyone in believing that everyone is the same
That kid that gives more than second chances and have it blow up in their face
That kid that is able to fix everyone’s problems but not his/her owns
That kid is ME!

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