What Comes to mind

February 28, 2012
When I think of love,
many things come to mind,
but never you.
Things like,
family and friends,
my favorite sweater,
the shoes that I wish I could find,
my grandmother with her perfect smile,
or my grandfather with his many words of wisdom,
but never you.
It's impossible to love someone that you hurt so much,
its hard to believe that someone would ever love me,
but you always say you do.
I try to find it possible to believe it,
but all that it brings is tears,
that's not love,
but I wish it was.
When I think of love,
I think of warm summer days,
hanging out with my friends,
and my mothers hugs,
but never you.
I think loves trying to tell me something,
do you?
My hearts not meant to feel the pain that I do,
it was never meant to love you.

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