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March 1, 2012
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I can’t concentrate in class because you’re always on my mind. I think about you all the time. And I just miss you so much. You made me happy, you made me laugh at your dumb but also funny jokes. We would always prank our peers when we dated. Those B E A U T I F U L moments we had together were the most W O N D E R F U L moments I’ve EVER had. You would always make my day when I wasn’t in a great mood. And even if I was in a great mood you’d still make my day. TBH I can’t stop thinking of you. I miss you a lot more each day that goes by. Those 3 beautiful words that came out of our mouth sound so nice. But I don’t know if you truly meant what you said. “I LOVE YOU” are 3 strong words that hardly any teenagers know what they mean. But if you can prove that you love me, I will believe you. But since you can’t, I’M SORRY. I wish I can be with you but I can’t. I wish a whole lot of things but I just can’t make those wishes come true. I love you, I do. But I don’t think I’m ready for a serious relationship. You were my 5th grade crush but that was so long ago, everything changed. I don’t think you actually love me like you say you do. My mind is saying I do love you but my heart doesn’t truly know who I’m in love with. I don’t want to hurt you, but the honest truth is I do want to be with you but I don’t like long distance relationships. And I’ll get even sadder if I‘m going out with you but I can’t see you or hold hands or do anything with you. So what’s the whole point, if I can’t be near you?

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