I’m Alone because of Me

March 1, 2012
Here by myself
alone and weak.
I look in my mirror
and I see a face
pretty and sad
naive and shy.
I yell out but
silence is all that
returns to my ear.
I’M ALONE! I say
No answer just
the deafening quiet.
So outside I go
into the air
empty and afraid.
I seek a companion
but nobody is here.
Where is there?
The place where they
keep all the friends?
Then a puppy comes to me.
So little so alone
and all by itself.
But he’s happy
wagging his tail
jumping on my feet
my legs.
He knows no emotion
just affection or neglect.
Oh to be so happy
so secure so loved
without a care in the world.
But what is this?
The puppy is following me!
He won’t leave me be!
He ran, he was scared
that’ll show him
I thought.
And then I thought
a little bit more…
My friend. The puppy
was my friend.
I wasn’t alone
not with him.
And I chased him
away. Far away.
Now I’m here by myself.
This time with tears.
Because it’s my fault
that I
am alone.

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