Wasted Shooting Star and 11:11 Wishes

February 28, 2012
Don’t say it out loud
It won’t come true
A bright brilliant
shooting star flies past
You squeeze your eyes shut
It doesn’t take you long
You know your wish
It’s been the same one
for 5 months
Don’t…it won’t come true
You know it never will
You want to be hugged again
Kissed again
LOVED again
That love was never ending for you
But it was for him
You lay outside
Gazing up at beauty
Those stars shine like diamonds
Every shooting star that passes
Is a wish for him
You waste every 11:11 wish on him
He doesn’t love you
But still you wish for him
You never told a soul
about your shooting star wishes
or your 11:11’s
If you speak them aloud
They won’t come true
So…You scream it to the world
He isn’t worth those silent wishes
You no longer wish for him
Upon a shooting star

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