March 1, 2012
By dragongirl GOLD, Woodbridge,, Virginia
dragongirl GOLD, Woodbridge,, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
No matter what happens to us know that I will always be there for you. Remember who you are as a person and no one can take that away from you.

You fight to stay alive,
You fight to stay calm,
You fight to remember
Who you are,
You fight for what
You believe in,
You never care who wins,
As long as you live though
It, People who fight for
Nothing will die for
Something, People tell
You that you have to
Stop fighting, but you
Can’t for it’s in you’re
You were born into
A world where if you
Don’t fight then you die,
You face death more times
Than anyone,
You count you’re
Blesses every time
You leave the ring
You dear not leave
The world you were
Born in, but you have
To soon
You were born and
You will die has a

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