March 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Her hair flows down past her shoulders
A river, untamed and free
Her eyes bright and defiant
Reveals her careful control
You only see what she wants you to
Her face captivates you
So much that you don’t notice
The faded shirt, falling off her shoulders
The worn jeans cling for dear life to her slender waist
The sneakers, loved to the point of rough around the edges
Her eyes mystify you most however
The clear hazel
Like a forest, hidden in the middle of nowhere
Her eyes narrow
Calculating you
When she speaks
Her words are sharp razor blades
Despite her tough appearance
Disputing her puffed up façade
You can see right through her
In a way that she can tell
She’s unnerved that you can see her weakness
Her fears
She’s scared, just like you
All she wants is a friend
She straightens her shoulders and walks away
And you can tell the moment she leaves
Her light disappears from the corners
The room is no longer buzzing with her energy
She contains so much
Trapped inside her soul
That the very thing she wants to hide
Is shining through her pores

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