I think

March 7, 2012
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I think we moved to fast.
You say I am just focused on the past.
That is not the case.
I just feel like my heart is going to waste.

I think you just needed someone to get you mind free.
In reality you never wanted to be serious with me.

I think you enjoyed that fact that you could make me feel pain.
So you took away my sunshine and gave me rain.

I think you want me around just to do what you say.
That is probably why you say get over yourself when I bring my feelings your way.

I think you might confuse love with lust.
That's why when I tell you something you blow in into the dust.

I think you could careless about most of the things we discuss.
That's why you laugh when we talk about us.

I think you laugh at the fact that you're in lust but I am in love.
That's probably why you don't think I'm gods gift from above.

I think you are just waiting for a reason where you could just completely leave me alone.
That's why you don't join in on the conversations bout our home.

I think you wanted to stay gone for more then those two weeks you disappeared.
That's probably why you regret the fact that you reappeared.

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