what is love

March 7, 2012
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What is Love?
What is love,
Everyone think of love differently,
Love can be living,
Can’t live with out them,
Love can be caring,
Caring so much for someone,
Love can be honor,
Honoring them in every way,
Love can be naive,
Naive in puppy love,
Love can be a lot of things,
Love to a little kid is simple,
Simple as in friendship,
Love to preteens is normal,
Normal feelings of caring,
Love to teens/ young adults can be complex,
Complex as in life changing,
Complex as in planning,
Planning for the future,
Love to parents is providing,
Providing for their family,
Love to elderly is forever love,
Forever love and living together for eternity,
But there are all kinds of types of love too,
Friendship love,
Family love,
Other half love,
Caring love,
Cheesy love,
And life changing love,
Even though people feel love,
The love is different for each person,
The love I feel for my friends is friendship love,
The love I have with my BFF’s is family love,
The love I have for my family is simple caring love,
Even though I feel a type of love for different people,
I only feel deep, deep love for my one and only other half,
My other half is David,
I can’t see life with out him right know,
I am planning a future with him,
I want a family with him,
I unconditionally love him,
And that is what love is to me,
What is it 2 u?

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