March 2, 2012
By paralyte631 BRONZE, Dawson Springs, Kentucky
paralyte631 BRONZE, Dawson Springs, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Most people try the impossible, I myself am the IMPOSSIBLE

I ran away hoping for something better to happen, but what you didn't see was the thing i hid so carelessly.
I never wanted to fall but, running when you had been waiting legs sprawled straight you made me.
Love had taken away my senses, you had been given my heart.
Not by me but what i had became, unaware of the danger seeping through the slits on my arms.
You, you took advantage, you knew me more than i would have liked.
Didn't want this for one second.
I'm fragile to make a move into stopping the pain.
I thought that maybe if my heart stopped beating it wouldn't hurt so bad.
If only i could learn to fly, i wouldn't have hit the ground so hard.
If only you could learn to forgI've me, for all the mistakes i made to your senseless gaze.
And so you told me "Run, and hate me if it feels good".
I did, exactly that, selfish i was maybe.
You knew, i was to far down.
Hands held down, you saved me.
Unaware of what you gave for me.
I kept bleeding.
I wondered how far i could be, away from me.
Feeling I've been lied to, ill jump if you will.
You wont i know, you'd rather be there to catch me in the free fall.
Did i mistake all that i saw.
Have i now been gone that long.
Dreaming of nothing, that's all we are to be.
I thought if my heart stopped beating it wouldn't hurt so much.
I was wrong

The author's comments:
I was depressed when i wrote this. Tell the truth this was my last poem in like a year

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