The Martyrdom of a Goodbye

March 5, 2012
By Juancarsz SILVER, San Diego, California
Juancarsz SILVER, San Diego, California
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The saddest moment is when you know that you are going to lose your happiness.

If everything stays the same, you will ignore,
The fact that I liked you since I saw you for the first time;
You are the most precious thing that dwells in my mind,
You will go far, but your mark will still be in my heart.

I know that maybe, you will never listen to my poems,
But they will be here, in case you want to read them,
You gave me so many good reasons to dream without fail,
When you are not with me, my world is just a disaster.

I have fear of getting lost in your eyes,
Be lost, and never be able to leave, and never be able to find you;
You will travel, but my heart will not be a part of your baggage,
You were the angle that saved me from my nightmares.

Life comes and goes, and you will change, but I might stay the
Same, when I think of you, there is no time or pain,
There is only peace and joy, no less but more,
There is a beautiful girl that made me overjoyed.

Every revolution some day has to end,
And this anarchy is about to die, and it will never resuscitate,
But no matter what, you will always be,
The most gorgeous girl that my mind has seen.

And now The Martyrdom of a Goodbye,
Is making my clouds rain,
Is sinking me in the cavern of loneliness and in the abyss of Sadness, you were the first girl that I have ever liked,
You were who gave motivation to my life;
At one point you were everything,
But now I have to say Goodbye.

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