The Insurgents

March 7, 2012
By Kat-Vampchik PLATINUM, Lineboro, Maryland
Kat-Vampchik PLATINUM, Lineboro, Maryland
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Unease obscures the land,
Delicate is the peace,
Like the snow, in the heat it quickly melts;
In this place where merriment is banned.

Shrewd and cruel was he,
The king is dead.
The nefarious villain takes the throne;
The peasants sing 'woes desolate are we.'

Tyranny runs rampant.
Rebels in the streets yell,
For freedom from this reviled monarchy.
Rebellion is blatant.

The troops march in,
For our heroes, not a hope remains.
Death lingers in the air, no more do they yell.
God would forgive them, had they committed a sin.

For beliefs they strongly fought,
But alas t'was to be their demise.
What will their children learn obedience to the king, or loyalty to whom it is owed?
Will they win the liberties their fathers sought?

The author's comments:
iNSPIRED By les Miserables

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