Dealing memories

March 7, 2012
By Hellokittyninja GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Hellokittyninja GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The beautiful ruby-like liquid
The slow, seeping, ooze
Slips down my arm
Rushes to ruin the colorless carpet
Scars what was once an empty canvas.

Once again .
Over and Over.
My heart.
My scar.
My wrist.
My blood.
My mind.
My memories.
My soul.

Love is ending
Weaves a new vine
To constrict my already shattered heart

Painful memories
I must distract myself
If only for a while
I must use it
My ragged
dripping with blood.... tool...
my blade

I deal a new memory
A new reminder
To cover-up
To forget
To remember
To reveal...

Forgets the beginning
Forgetswhen, where, why
Did I start doing this anyway?
Now I’ve started a habit
Now I must quit
I must deal a new memory
Without the blade
I must heal
And forget all the scars.

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