March 6, 2012
Why do you wish to linger within me?
Why do you eat away all hope that once lied within me?
Why do you fill my heart with sorrow?
Why do you make my eyes bleed clear,and cause those around me to concern?
Why do you take from me what all is right and make it wrong?
I have news for you.
I will stand it no longer.
I will hold my head high.
I will rid myself of your dark, evil thoughts,but this will do me no good…
for, I know…
one day..
you will return.
You remain inside of me.
You remain taking away all hope.
You remain making me cry.
You remain killing me inside.
you remain hurting my loved ones...
but most of all…
you remain making me stronger as you make my life worse you somehow make it better.
for now I have nothing to fear.
I fear you enough and now you wont go…

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