His Love

March 6, 2012
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He’s been there since before I was born.
He’s known what my name would be,
What I looked like,
How I felt about things,
Before I even knew.
He’s the one man in my life
That I know I can always turn to,
Always trust; I have no fear
Of losing him or his love.
He doesn’t always answer
Immediately when I call him,
But I know eventually
He’ll respond,
In ways I couldn’t even imagine.
His love that I receive
Is the best love I’ve ever known,
Yet I often turn away from it.
Not because I don’t love Him back,
But because I’m afraid.
Afraid, that I’m not worthy,
Not enough, sometimes too much,
But more often I think that
I rely on Him too often.
But then I realize
That’s what he wants.
He wants me to need Him
And His love,
It’s what He tries to give me
Every single moment,
Of every single day.
Though sometimes I wonder
If he means to give it to me.
Me! Of all people,
There are so many others
Who deserve His love
So much more than I do.

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