Pain im living with..

March 5, 2012
this pain peircing though each and every vain/
no one to confide and no one to blame../
tormenting escape from this fixation/
grieve and hate defines my boundless fate/
im surrendering my soul, i capitulate/
so drag me to hell,show me the gate/
or find me a soul of which i yearn to love/
persist to neglect me and ill soon drift high above/

the chronic gray skies and bloodshot eyes/
wheres the precious truth hidden beyond all these brutal lies/
the abiding loss of tears and blood /
is my body in an emotional drought/
whats the stimulation to this annihilating flood/
i can scream and shout..doesnt matter cuz no one will hear me out/

am i inferior or is the force just too superior/
i tried to obtain the key to percieve the virtuous path/
but only to open the door to find a blood bath/
pulling down the long sleeves to conceal the regrets and memories the scars leave/
is it teadious to answer me why/
or is it too much to just hear me cry/

iv fought my past but now wheres my remedy/
no flame within reach of my vicinity/
is it just me or does the sun ever rise/
maybe its my heart,the blackhole swallowing all the light/
damn ironic when the one thing you truely loved,you now despise/
where's my other half to tell me dont worry it'll be allright/

im ending the excuses i form to convince myself you're worth it/
gave you more than everything i had when u just threw it/
treat me like a peice of s***, i can show you what you really missed/
you gave me her sloppy seconds, ill kiss him like we never kissed/
you claimed you served to end my invincible catastrophe/
however you managed to destroy all thats left in me/

you kissed my lips but abandaned me alone in the mist/
you loved me like your own but ended up making me force a knife to my wrist/
when you vanished, i sought to find you by ripping through my skin/
when you dissappeared, it was but only my own sin/
im igniting my body and shattering my bones/
killing every memory of our late night chats on the phone/
ill grate my fingers for every touch we shared/
and decapitate myself for ever thinking you cared/

you moved on as i passed on to hell/
be happy nothing but a cremated corpse who once never fail/

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