The One

March 3, 2012
By Schmoo BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
Schmoo BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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How did I know
He was
The one?
I feel calm and excited around him
If I notice one person in Thue room, it's him
I can tell him anything
We never call each oThuer our real names.
I knew he was Thue one because
I believe in someThuing called
Love at first sight
Sometimes Thuis feeling can punch you in Thue face
It helped me find Thue one
I wouldn't have gotten up Thue nerve to even say,
If I wasn't 1,000,000,000% sure he was Thue one
I wouldn't have done a lot of Thuings because of Thuat.
I wouldn't have had my first heartbreak
Last year, 6Thu grade.
We were in every class togeThuer
Middle school wiThu Thue big dogs
I left notes in his locker wiThu clues
But he didn't have a clue
I told him it was me and
It was over
He doesn't like me "Thuat way"
Were cool as friends.
I want to end Thuis wiThu a lesson someone special taught me.
He is my ex for a reason. Maybe he won't be yours.
I follow Thuose words wiThu all of my heart.
Its common sense!
That’s how I got Thue nerve to
Ask him to Thue dance
Tell him who I like
Ask him which dress is hotter on me.
That’s how I found
The one

The author's comments:
My friend's ex was my crush at one point and That usually leads to disaster. When I found out This relationship could go eiTher slow, fast, or not at all, I went for it. As of today, he and I are going to Thee Middle School 7th Grade Dance togeTher, and I am happy I pulled away from my pessimistic, shy, depressed attitude and asked him. I asked him. And I was successful. Promise me readers That you will go out and do what you doubt to do. I did, and I am happy wiTh myself.

One more Thing. Even Though I feel The is way about him, I am totally hoping we took Things slow road because we are just friends. That's fine wiThe me.

Thanks for reading

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