Last night to love

March 3, 2012
Tonites the night to live
the last one we've left
the last nite to begin again

broken hearts and shallow drums
all beat with the same tune
dumb and dead they are
all beaten and bruised

face it down and put on a smile
for who knows how long we have
keep your head held high
as knowledge and fear
all creep into your heart

shattered, ripped and torn
it all goes hand in hand but
tonight i fight to die another day
ill go on and so should you
say it with a smile
as everyone lies to you

hear that?
that's the light in the dark
a whisper of truth and hope
then, curiously you wonder
who's voice is it i hear

the light goes brighter and
the sound gets louder
a beautiful voice rings in your ears
i love you it whispers
so you crack your eyes open
to the blinding light

your heart beat races
your palms get sweaty
you face gets foggy
and your eyes get groggy
she lays her head with yours
peace comes over you

you've learned the truth
of who lies
and who dies

and that to survive we must face the dark
until we each receive our light
and the one we truly love

so lets hold hands and stare it
cause in the end
we will win

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UnicornRebel said...
Apr. 7, 2012 at 3:42 pm
Josh! This is great! Its got a smooth flow and a beautiful pace. Keep up the amazing art! ~JP
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