leave me life

March 3, 2012
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Been a while,
Walking on this same remorseful path;
All that's left,
Is a neutral spark.

For the sake of stopping others from betrayal,
I've always let down my comrades.
For the sake of others happiness,
I've given away my prized possessions;
Didn't even care for a second!
What will i do with so many regretful successions?

After all this while,
I think;
what shall i do now?
Getting dislodged from a beloved's heart!
Isn't it WOW??

Its not happening for the very first time
In my life.
I have been given these situations even before
Like a bribe.

Nothing is left in me.
I'm lost in remorse and pain,
Like in a spree.
Just one question arises in my mind,
Is this how i've treated life
ALL this while?

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