The Price of Peace

February 26, 2012
By WolvesAreCool BRONZE, Framingham, Massachusetts
WolvesAreCool BRONZE, Framingham, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"No wolf falters before the bite
So strike
No hawk wavers before the dive
Just strike"
- Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Sobs fill the air as allies fight
She runs, breathes the air that flows from the forest
Her father has long since breathed his last breaths
Murdered by one side
Her mother led to the abyss by another
She is all that remains of the once great kingdom
But not for long

Swords ring on the air as she thrusts herself
In her white silk gown
Into the center of the battle
The crowds part before her and drop to their feet
She glides across the ground
Little feet never stumbling

The sorrow as the spear leaves his hand
The sudden hush as both armies drop weapons
And run to the place where she lies
Her blood staining the snow and her gown
Promises of peace cross their lips

And she dies with a smile

And she dies with a smile

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