Sea Glass

February 26, 2012
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She stands on the sand
Wondering what would happen
If she jumped into the ocean
And never came out

If she were to die tonight
Would anyone care
Would anyone rescue her
From the darkness pulling her in

"And here I stand alone
Will someone find me
Or will I stand here waiting forever
Alone on the sand"

He throws a rock into the water
Should he go back home
Or stay here in the city
What is his future

He starts to turn back
But changes his mind
The water and sand are perfect here
So he sits and waits

"And here I sit alone
Secluded from the world
Should I remain alone
Alone on the sand"

They say the ocean can be healing
And it can soften even a cold person's heart
Like the smoothed edges of sea-glass
It brings a softness to us

"And here we're not alone
Even if we must leave
The calming water and soft sand
Can always heal us

And so we're never alone
As we walk along the shoreline
We realize that we are not
Alone on the sand"

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