Why Megan Cries

February 26, 2012
By adidas99 BRONZE, Calcutta, Other
adidas99 BRONZE, Calcutta, Other
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Megan in that corner of hers,
Crying, sobbing, at a loss of words.
Her eye make-up smeared all over her face,
And sweating and panting like she’d run a long race.
Pain was not the reason Megan cried,
Nor was it that someone dear to her had died.
The reason Megan cried was loneliness,
The reason Megan cried was that her friend made a mess.
It was the night before the prom,
The night the boarders were allowed to leave their dorm,
And find a guy, who would take them to the prom as their date,
Megan was enthusiastic, but maybe it wasn’t in her fate.
The girls were getting ready, they needed to make a good impression,
They had to make the guys infatuated, they dressed up in the latest fashion.
Megan too was one of them, getting ready and looking very pretty,
She wore a grey satin dress, which her aunt had sent from the city.
The girls all queued up, ready to go to the boys school,
The girls all looked graceful, and they hoped the boys looked cool.
Murmuring with excitement, and in ecstasy they started chattering,
And they walked along, until they reached the boys’ building.
As soon as the students saw each other, the volume was little more than mute,
The girls started saying, “Look at that boy, isn’t he cute?!”
And the boys no longer could contain their excitement
They said “I’m going to choose her, isn’t she just perfect?!”
Megan being in the junior most batch, was hauled right in front,
She started sweating with nervousness, and eventually began to chant:
“Lord please let him choose me, please let no one else choose me but him,
Don’t even let him look at other girls than whom I’m not half as thin.”
The guy was thin and athletic, with deep blue eyes,
Megan’s world is set on fire, whenever he smiles.
His perfect complexion, and deep brown hair,
His hands so smooth, his gorgeous flair.
All the other girls in her batch, were flaunting themselves with all they had,
They weren’t shy at calling boys, they weren’t shy a tad!
The way the appalled guys looked at the bold girls was….. Not at all comforting,
The girls couldn’t even say in their heels any longer their feet were really hurting!
The guy who Megan wanted to chosen by,
Was walking up to Megan, his eyes blue like the sky.
For an instant her heart missed a beat,
Her cheeks were flaming up, with lots of heat.

The boy walked up to her and said “Hi, I’m Mike”
And before he could say another word which poked Megan like a pike,
Megan’s best friend, came up and her hair hit Megan’s face, her hair all curly,
And she smiled enchantingly, pouted and said to Mike, “Hi, my name’s Shirley!”
Megan didn’t expect this, especially from her best friend!
Was it their friendship?! Or was it her and Mike?! What did she want to end?!
Immediately Shirley, glamorous as she was, caught Mike’s attention,
All of Megan’s enthusiasm drained away, along with all nervousness and tension!
After talking immensely, eventually, Shirley was Mike’s new date,
And hit the dance floor and dance, the new couple couldn’t wait!
They, hand-in-hand, head’s joined together entered the dancing zone,
While Megan stood, her hands wrapped around her chest, astonished and alone.
In the same evening, many boys asked Megan out,
And many tried to flirt, by winking or a little pout.
But Megan was in shock because of her friend’s actions,
What had caused in Shirley that reaction?
And the whole evening, Megan sobbed dryly, alone,
The guy she fell for, hadn’t taken her to the dancing zone.
And she stood alone, looking at other people having fun,
She thought she would be one of them, what had her best friend done?!
And now two weeks later Megan still sits in that corner of hers,
Crying, sobbing and at a loss of words.
Her eye make-up smeared all over her face,
And sweating and panting like she’d run a long race.

The author's comments:
Girls think guys are insensitive. They think they don't care about feelings. I care.

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