Life on the edge

February 25, 2012
Living life on the edge,
Ya, it’s not as fun as it seems.
You see I have been here for a while,
On the edge of my breaking point,
Just waiting, wondering, dreaming
About my life,
How it is now,
How it could be,
Just one step, one extra step,
Could change everything.
Maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Maybe I wouldn’t be stuck on the edge.
Unfortunately I see no light.
There is no hope.
Eventually I will fall,
Fall to a point of no return.
There will be no turning back,
And nothing standing in my way.
I don’t want to go there.
It’s a dark, dark place.
It’s no place for a home.
You see though,
The sad part is,
Right now, in this moment,
I believe, deep down,
That that point,
The one over the edge,
Is inevitable.
I have been good for so long.
I dared not jump farther than I should,
I stayed who I thought I needed to be.
I couldn’t see past my own nose.
But there is a whole other world.
One that I have yet to explore.
It’s a world that was off limits for so long.
It requires apathy, regret, and carefreeness,
If I were to travel too far down this cliff,
Well let’s just say some, never return.
But I would like to give it a try,
For I don’t know what else to do.
There is no rescue waiting for me,
No reason to keep standing,
Standing right on the edge.
This choice, its haunting me.
I’m leaning towards one side,
Closer and closer it becomes,
Each day,
As life continues this way,
I sit, and I ponder.
Ponder what could be,
If even a toe were to slip.
Every once in a while,
I take a peek, just a small one.
I have to see,
I mean don’t we all?
We all want to know what lies ahead.

I know the dangers of what is to come,
But where I am now, is nowhere.
I have nothing, no one to notice,
If I were to just take
over the edge……

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