February 24, 2012
By Caroline Fernandez BRONZE, Verona, New Jersey
Caroline Fernandez BRONZE, Verona, New Jersey
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She has felt this way for a long time,
Though now she truly is in solitude.

She sits in the dirt,
Amongst trees that glower down at her
They know what she is about to do,
And they wait in wicked anticipation.

The night sky is a dark abyss overhead
Swallowing up stars and moon.
There is no beauty left in the world,
Not in her eyes-
Eyes that once sparkled sapphire with life,
But are now a dull and empty gray.

She feels the gun weighing down
Her oversized, worn flannel jacket
Will she do it?
Will she end it all,

Her gaze is lifted to a nest of chirping baby birds.
A pang, as she thinks of her own son.
Could she really leave him?
He is just a little boy,
An angel,
An innocent.

She can't do it.
She can't let him suffer.
Her life is unbearable,
But she will fight the battle for him.
Only for him.

She stands up slowly,
Rising from the dust and dirt,
Reborn at last.
She drops the gun,
Listens to the thud as it hits the ground.
She walks away, toward her son,
Toward a hope renewed,
Toward another chance at life.

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